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When dogs complete basic obedience training at a younger age, it usually makes advanced training go smoothly.

Our Passion

WoofBeach Bay, our compassionate understanding, patience, and love for dogs goes into every single dog grooming

Certified Staff

With a fully certified staff we have the skills and knowledge to do that custom cut you’ve always wanted.

Relaxing Facility

Embracing our beach atmosphere ensures that your dog will eagerly look forward to returning, while you enjoy complete peace of mind!

Save With Us

Schedule your appointment online today, and keep in mind we handle all types of cuts – from breed-specific styles to unique ones. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the beach.

Family Owned & Operated

As a family-owned and operated business, we put top priority on custom care for every one of our canine clients! Consistent, effective grooming is a big part of being a responsible dog owner. After all, dogs are healthier and more pleasant when they remain clean and well-groomed. Consequently, their owners remain happier too!

When you bring your canine pal to us for grooming, rest assured that he or she will receive excellent care.

Dedication to Professional Grooming and Training for Your Dog!

Woofbeach Bay Aurora Illinois

Here at WoofBeach Bay, everyone on our staff approaches each groom or training session with patience and compassion. At our facility, you can expect:

An environment that’s welcoming and calming for dogs and owners alike. At WoofBeach Bay, we present a pet-friendly atmosphere with a beach vibe. Dogs of any size, age or breed can relax and enjoy their time with us. Whether the appointment is for a haircut, a nail trim or ear cleaning, your dog is in capable hands here.

Professional, trainined grooming and training staff. We feature the latest grooming equipment and best techniques to have your pet looking their best.

Convenience and affordable rates. We’re confident you’ll be very happy with our dog grooming services and affordable prices. Schedule grooming or dog training courses online now or give WoofBeach Bay a call.

In addition to our location in Aurora, visit our other full service facilities for expert pet grooming and training:

WoofBeach Sands South Elgin – 238 Randall Road, South Elgin

WoofBeach Cove – 462 North Park Boulevard, Suite 100, Glen Ellyn

WoofBeach Palms – 716 West State Street, Geneva

WoofBeach Batavia – 1840 Mill Street, Batavia

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