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Woofbeach Bay Agility Training

Agility training at WoofBeach Bay is the perfect way to accomplish this. Agility classes are basically canine training in which a handler guides your dog through various obstacles. The benefits to your dog includes:

-Gain confidence. Dog agility training enhances your pet’s natural instincts and confidence. In the wild, dogs must pursue prey in order to survive. This can mean chasing a squirrel over fallen branches or a rabbit darting across a field. Competitive agility training courses replicate these sorts of obstacles. Without a doubt, this develops better speed and balance.

-Burn that extra energy. Agility training is an effective way to utilize your pet’s natural energy and enthusiasm. Performing an agility course that features challenging obstacles is simply fun for your dog! Additionally, it strengthens muscle tissue and develops endurance.

Dog Agility Training Aurora IL Woofbeach Bay Illinois
Dog Agility Training Aurora IL Woofbeach Bay Illinois

our trainers offer expertise in a range of dog behavior modification

-You’ll enjoy it too. Certainly, agility training is a lot of fun for dog owners too! As your canine’s handler, you learn to assist him over obstacles, around poles and through tunnels.

-Enhance the bond you share with your dog. Agility training is healthy for the bond between pet and owner. Agility courses typically require the assistance of a dog handler for the dogs to successfully complete them. Because your dog must rely on hand and verbal instructions from you, it strengthens the trust you share. Furthermore, helping your dog through an agility course improves mastery of basic obedience and develops communication skills.

At WoofBeach Bay our trainers offer expertise in a range of dog behavior modifications. Stop in during our regular hours or call to find out more about agility training.

WoofBeach Bay for Professional Dog Training and Grooming

In addition to advanced training, we provide a variety of professional grooming services for dogs. Bring your canine companion to us for brushing and bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and more.

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