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It’s a lot of fun to bring your dog along with you to pet-friendly restaurants. However, proper canine restaurant etiquette is essential.

A few useful tips include:

-Always use a leash. When dining at a pet-friendly restaurant, keep your pup on a leash that’s on the shorter side – about four feet. A short leash prevents dogs from approaching other tables or from getting in the way of wait staff and other restaurant patrons.

-No barking. If your pet barks frequently at people or other dogs, it’s probably best to leave him or her at home. Some dogs can feel uncomfortable in a fast-pace, noisy setting like a busy restaurant even if they allow pets

-Good manners are a requirement. Dogs should remain seated quietly close by their pet parent during a visit to a pet-friendly dining establishment. However, this can be tricky sometimes if your dog tends to be excitable around people or in an unfamiliar location.

WoofBeach Bay in Aurora offers restaurant etiquette training for dogs – call or stop by for information and to enroll your pup!

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