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For a variety of canine breeds, their ears are often prone to bacteria or yeast growth

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Suffering From Ear Problems?

The resulting infection can cause irritation and considerable discomfort. Although there are some dogs who never suffer from ear problems, others are certainly more vulnerable. Fortunately, regular Dog Ear Cleaning Aurora IL is very effective for avoiding this common pet problem.

In many cases, ear infections in dogs result from hereditary factors as well as the dog’s specific characteristics. For example, dogs with thin, floppy ears may experience problems. Usually, this is because their ear canals do not get much air exposure. Likewise for dogs who have longer hair inside their ears.

Consequently, moisture develops deep within the ears. The fundamental structure of a dog’s ear canal makes it challenging to thoroughly clean it. However, our groomers use professional equipment and practices. We can will safely, painlessly clean your pup’s ears. Routine ear cleanings are an important part of dog care. If dirt and debris collect for too long, it can cause painful ear infections.

Dog Ear Cleaning Aurora IL Woofbeach Illinois
Dog Ear Cleaning Aurora IL Woofbeach Illinois


On the other hand, sometimes ear problems may indicate your dog has an allergy. If your dog’s ears appear consistently dirty or emit foul odor, your vet might recommend ear drops or medication.

If your pet’s ears are already in healthy condition, it’s easy to keep them that way with our Dog Ear Cleaning Aurora services.

When it comes to how often your dog should visit us for ear cleaning, it can vary according to breed. For example, some dogs have hair that continually grows – such as poodles. In that case, they can benefit from ear cleaning and hair trimming each two to four weeks. After our groomers get acquainted with your dog, we can recommend an ear cleaning and grooming schedule.

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