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When a dog’s nails become too long it can impact the animal’s posture and even their general skeletal structure.

Why your pet needs regular Dog Nail Trimming Near Me Aurora IL:

-Short, well-maintained nails are essential to your dog’s ability to maintain proper balance and agility. This is, naturally, critical to their daily activities.

-When they grow too long, your pup’s nails may start to chip and break, resulting in an painful condition that could eventually require care from a veterinarian.

-Nails inform your dog’s sense of direction. When too long, the nails tend to “push” the dog back, causing uncomfortable pressure upon the wrong areas.
-Overgrown nails can result in stress on the joints. Consequently, your dog might experience joint discomfort, arthritis and stress on ligaments, bones and muscles that leaves them at risk of injury. Also, nails can possibly start to press into the dog’s paw pads and cause significant discomfort.
-Routine Dog Nail Trimming Near Me Aurora IL will prevent the quicks from overgrowing too. When quicks – which are blood vessels that run through the dog’s nail – grow too long it can make it more difficult to trim the nails.

Consistent nail trimming will effectively prevent these problems and help keep your canine pal happy and healthy. Dogs with lengthy nails are prone to slipping upon tile or hardwood flooring. Or, they start to walk hesitantly in response to the discomfort of their nails. Dog Nail Trimming Near Me Aurora IL is particularly important for older or arthritic dogs.

Keeping your pet’s nails at a healthy length protects yourself and your furniture from scratches too. Overgrown dog nails also can snag on carpeting and result in unnecessary discomfort.

Your pet might paw you to draw your attention, yet it shouldn’t leave you with scratches. If you’re getting scratched when your dog is communication with you, it’s a sure sign of overgrown nails. At the proper length, you should not feel the nails.

Another essential part of canine paw care is trimming the hairs on the underside of your pet’s feet. Excessive growth risks preventing your dog from gaining sufficient traction and impeding their ability to stand properly.

Dog nails ought to extend just enough to be visible but shouldn’t go beyond the paw. If your pet has longer hair, it might not be easy to spot the nails. However, if the dog’s nails are extending over and around the paw pads, they are definitely too long.

The dewclaw, found higher up on your pet’s leg, is also a nail. Because it doesn’t come in contact with the ground while the dog is walking, the dewclaw doesn’t wear down like the other nails. This is often the nail that tends to curl over and need regular Dog Nail Trimming Near Me Aurora IL.

Another very common indicator that your canine’s nails are too long is when they make a clicking noise as they move about in your house. If there is hardwood flooring in your home, the sound of clicking and scratching on it signal it’s time for nail trimming.

At WoofBeach Bay, our staff of dog care experts can trim your pet’s nails to a healthy length without causing any discomfort. In addition, we provide bathing, grooming and haircutting services that will keep your beloved pet looking her or his very best. We care for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds! Stop in for service or schedule a Dog Nail Trimming Near Me Aurora IL at WoofBeach Bay at 630-686-8050.