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Your dog should provide you with companionship and joy. However, if dogs display problematic behaviors or continues to disobey, having them can turn into an ongoing cause of stress for owner and pet alike. Ensuring that a canine receives proper training is the obligation of every pet owner. Not only for the animal’s best interests, but also for the owner’s too.

Regardless of breed, temperament or age, all dogs can benefit from Dog Training Near Me Aurora IL at WoofBeach Bay.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider a training course for your dog:

-Training offers benefits for both canines and owners. Your furry friend is not the only one who can enjoy the rewards of training. Working consistently with your pet will help you gain a better understanding of his needs, which makes you a better dog owner. Additionally, training is a good way to get some exercise and improve your pet’s obedience. That will make it easier and more enjoyable to take your dog with you for walks and other outings.

-Obedient dogs are safer. When you are able to maintain reliable control of your dog using vocal commands, you’re better able to protect him when off-leash. A dog that dashes off as soon as their leash is removed is much more at risk of running onto a busy street or slipping out the door at home before you’re ready to go.

Also, in the event your dog becomes lost, good training can significantly increase the likelihood he or she may behave properly and be located soon.

-Trained dogs can socialize with others. As your pup learns how to recognize boundaries and proper behaviors in social settings, other dogs will feel more comfortable around him as well. Consequently, more of these social interactions will other dogs will be a positive experience. Once dogs begin to enjoy socializing, they become more at ease and more manageable.

-Dog Training Near Me helps to make boarding your pet go smoothly. The socializing with other dogs that is part of training class will be beneficial if you board or leave your dog with friends. A dog that
successfully completes obedience class will also follow commands from other people if you are not there.

-It’s possible to teach new tricks to an older dog. There are some misconceptions that may be dissuading you from proceeding with your canine’s education. Regardless of a dog’s age, training can be very beneficial. The age of the dog is not an indicator of his or her capacity for training. Older canines might need a physical accommodation or two. Particularly bigger dogs or dogs with a weight problem. However, they are able to take instructions equally as well as younger classmates.

A well-trained dog generally experiences lower stress, better interactions with others and establishes a strong bond with their owner. At WoofBeach Bay, our team is dedicated to helping your canine companion live a healthy, happy life. Contact us or visit WoofBeach Bay to enroll your pet in Dog Training Near Me Aurora IL at 630-686-8050.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Services at WoofBeach Bay

Most pet owners have probably heard about the importance of dental care for dogs. But do you know some of the specific reasons? Keep on reading to learn more canine dental care and the teeth cleaning services we provide here at WoofBeach Bay.

There are several problems your dog may face if they do not receive regular teeth cleanings, including:

-Bad breath. The most typical cause of this unpleasant symptom with pets is periodontal disease. In fact, it is so prevalent that approximately 80 percent of dogs show indications of periodontal disease by the time they reach three years old. Without a doubt, consistent dental cleanings will help reduce bad breath.
-Discomfort. Unfortunately, our dogs cannot communicate to their owners when they are experiencing pain. Just as people with oral health problems feel pain, our canine companions do too. By bringing your dog to WoofBeach Bay for regular teeth cleaning, you’ll maintain their teeth and gums in good condition, enabling him or her to feel their best.

-Serious illnesses. Canines who do not receive consistent dental care are at higher risk of eventually developing liver, kidney or heart. Since a lot of blood circulation occurs in the mouth, bacteria may move through the dog’s bloodstream, causing damage to heart valves and the liver’s filtration capabilities.

-Health complications. If your dog already struggles with an illness, gum disease may lead to complications.

A common question we get is: how frequently should dog owners have their dog’s teeth cleaned?
According to the American Animal Hospital Association, dogs should receive dental examinations and cleanings at least once per year. These typically should start at about one year for smaller breed canines and by two years for large breed dogs.

Professional Dog Grooming at WoofBeach Bay – Call 630-686-8050

Here at WoofBeach Bay, our experienced staff knows that grooming your dog is important for several reasons. From socialization to skin and fur coat health, consistent grooming offers benefits including:

-Socializing. Performing basic grooming on dogs serves to help them get used to being handled. Brushing your dog’s fur each night will help him or her relax. Your dog becomes more acquainted with you as you instruct it to sit calmly as you brush through their coat, de-tangling knots and removing debris. This is particularly true for trimming your dog’s nails. Performing dog grooming once per week, or at a minimum of every two weeks, makes it easier over the long term to maintain your pet’s feet.

-Controls shedding. Shedding is a significant issue that consistent dog grooming can remedy. Although shedding can’t be entirely prevented, brushing daily and bathing your dog with a conditioner shampoo helps reduce the need to continually vacuum the carpeting. You’ll notice a reduction in shedding when you brush your dog regularly. Brushing stimulates glands that produce oil in the dog’s skin which help to keep it healthy. Even better, have your dog professionally groomed by the professional staff at WoofBeach Bay. Our trained groomers know the right way to care for your dog!

-Avoid health problems. Actions such as inspecting a dog’s teeth, coat and ears will help detect and avoid medical issues. Many canine breeds are prone to ailments that may be detected early just through paying close attention and checking the dog’s body as part of a grooming appointment.

–Keep your dog looking good. Naturally, a key benefit to professional dog grooming, nail trimming and dental care is that it keeps you dog looking good! Dogs feel good after the receive grooming and, of course, they look better too. Keep your dog in tip-top condition by scheduling grooming services at WoofBeach Bay. Grooming will prevent problems like matted fur that is very tough to untangle or long nails that scratch furniture and flooring. We have the expertise, equipment and pet care products to keep your dog feeling and looking great!

WoofBeach Bay is located at 2124 West Galena Boulevard in Aurora. Stop by to check out our facility or call today to schedule dog grooming at 630-686-8050.