Group Obedience Classes

WoofBeach Bay – Group Obedience Classes – 2124 West Galena Boulevard – Aurora – Call 630-686-8050

Are you looking to teach your canine companion some fundamental skills that will make it a lot easier to control him or her both at home and in public settings? In obedience classes at WoofBeach Bay, our experienced instructors teach dogs and their pet parents helpful and practical skills like stay, sit, lie down, heel and come. In addition, a benefit of the class is also to help dog owners resolve common problems like pulling on the leash, excessive barking or jumping on visitors.

Group obedience class is also an ideal forum for allowing dogs to socialize with one another, which is very important for their development. They also get valuable experience in being around other people, too.

Call 630-686-80580 or stop in at WoofBeach Bay in Aurora to enroll your dog in this beneficial class!

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