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Grooming Sugar Grove IL

Grooming Sugar Grove IL

Along with obedience training and a healthy diet, regular grooming is an essential component of dog ownership. Grooming helps to ensure your pup’s coat looks healthy and smells good. Also, it prevents ticks, fleas and other unwanted pests from spreading in their fur. Here’s are some general signs that will alert you it’s time for a dog Grooming Sugar Grove IL session at WoofBeach Bay:

-The condition of your pet’s coat is making him noticeably uncomfortable. Does your furry buddy seems to be itching and scratching his coat a lot lately? If he has long hair, is it overgrown and covering his eyes? These are telltale warnings that grooming is needed. Also, consider bringing your pup to see us for grooming before hot weather arrives next summer if he has long fur. A trim will keep his coat more comfortable and reduce risk of overheating.

-Your dog’s coat is dirty and looks dull. Take a few minutes to inspect your dog’s coat. Does it appear healthy? Typically, you’ll be able to determine if your dog is due for grooming simply by checking it out. If there are sections of matted, dirty fur, those are indications that grooming is needed. Ideally, your dog’s fur should shine and appear healthy.

-Your pup’s nails are overgrown and scratching on the floor. For active dogs that run and take walks on asphalt and other hard, unforgiving surfaces, their nails tend to get a natural trimming and remain relatively short. But if your furry pal spends much of his or her outdoor time on grass, there’s nothing to stop the nails from growing continually. Once nails reach a certain length, it becomes painful for dogs to walk on them.